Until recently there was an argument that Media do not influence learning and learning achievement. It was used as a mere a vehicle that deliver instruction in the classrooms.
Now it is time to revisit this question. Or perhaps, it is time to reframe it to say media influences learning. Educational technology is a design science and not a natural science. The phenomena that we study are the products of our own conceptions and devices. If there is no relationship between media and learning it may be because we have not yet made one. If we do not understand the potential relationship between media and learning, quite likely one will not be made.

Hence based on our above thinking we are organising a ‘Student Creative Film Expo’ in the month of February 2018. But the process starts immediately.

The integration of the concept into the story
Presentation of the concept and story to the panel
Film making techniques

25 teams will be shortlisted totally and will be called in on the final event day where each group has to present their stories before the jury Panel . Top 5 teams will be awarded with Cash Prize and Certificates