Student’s Creative short film


  1. To advocate positive social change through apt short film concept
  2. To raise awareness to global and local issues
  3. To liberate creativity among school students on a meaningful film making
  4. To promote documentary skills among the school students
  5. To provide transformative learning
  6. To open the gateway to film literacy for school students 
  7. To help school students to learn and empowered from the bestowed authority and validated people’s experience.
  8. To support school students to demonstrate the critical study of cinema and filmmaking and to study and practice of film production to enhance their work as film analysts.
  9. To support school students to demonstrate their understanding of the pre-production, production, and postproduction in the filmmaking process.


The purpose for acquiring skills in film making is not just about active learning and creating but to raise voice in the society for a good cause.

The best film education includes discussion, presentation, critical thinking, team work and film making as well as extracting the moral depicted from other short films by watching.


  1. Creative and collaborative thinking encouraged to meet the high demand in the society.
  2. Critical-thinking is encouraged to critic the day today occurrences positively.
  3. Makes students to empathise the social problems.
  4. Communication skill enhanced.
  5. Authentic, meaningful learning experiences provided.
  6. Technological, creative and productive opportunity’s provided.

Measurable Indicators:

  1. Communication skill enhanced
  2. Transformative learning provided
  3. Authentic, meaningful learning experiences provided
  4. Technology based creative and productive opportunity provided
  5. Creative-thinking encouraged
  6. Critical-thinking encouraged
  7. Collaboration encouraged

Proposed date of the final event: 7th December 2019 Time: 9:30A.M. to 4:00P.M.

Proposed themes: Make a short film with your own message.

Registration fee per film: Rs. 500/-

Duration of Film: Minimum 2 to 6 minutes only

Team Size: 2 to 5 students with one mentor teacher (Registered Film making team) Actors can be as many as required for the film.

Technology: Any available and affordable film technology can be used.

Assessment Criteria:

The films submitted will be assessed on the following.

The integration of the concept into the story
Presentation of the concept and story to the panel
Film making techniques

25 films will be selected for the final screening and selection on 7th December 2019. The best five films will receive the cash prizes with trophies and certificates. The other shortlisted films will get trophies and certificates. All films submitted will receive the participation certificates.

Film submission: All the registered films must be submitted on or before 25th Nov 2019 using a online tool WE TRANSFER. The films can also be sent in DVD/Pen drive to the school.